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What is IoScoot?


The introduction of electric motorbikes in Malta available for rent through an easy and innovative sharing platform


IoScoot is an environmentally friendly and sustainable mobility solution that provides an easy-to-use service through electric motorbikes. IoScoot will initially be available in the area between St. Julian’s and Valletta, helping people to move around Malta easily without having a negative impact on the carbon footprint. The idea is to extend this further in the coming months.

IoScoot e-motos will make Malta more accessible, while helping to reduce traffic in congested areas such as Sliema and St Julian’s, as well as to decrease the pollution in Malta, since all fleet is fully electric.

This is the first time that such a sharing measure with electric motorbikes is being introduced in Malta.

The IoScoot fleet initially consists of 40 bikes, which can be picked up and dropped off anywhere within the areas in which the service is available in the following localities: Valletta, Msida, Gzira, Sliema and St. Julian’s. These areas, which are visible to the user on the app, are highlighted in the map below.

The eMotos

The eMotos are fully electric and are equipped with a 1.8kW motor that provides a maximum speed of 45km/h which is perfectly suitable for Malta. They are designed for European countries to carry up to two people and can be driven on any road in Malta and Gozo.


As part of our commitment to safety, riders will be provided with helmets to comply with the relevant regulations, and most importantly to ensure that they ride safely. There will be two helmets locked in a compartment on the motorbike.

All riders will be required to be in possession of a driving licence enabling them to ride mopeds. This includes those drivers that have undergone the 10-hour training scheme without the need to have the full motorcycle licence.

Recharging of Motorbikes

The motorbikes do not require any charging infrastructure since the bikes use a battery system which can be swapped and charged remotely. This makes the system very easy to use, and they can be parked in any normal parking space, and no road space is taken up with charging infrastructure.