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How does it work?

Using IoScoot

The IoScoot system is ideal for all those who need to make short trips within the areas in which the system operates, such as from Valletta to Sliema or Gzira to St. Julian’s. People riding the IoScoot electric motorbikes can travel around the island without any limitations. However the areas where they can leave or pick up the motorbike is the area defined in the map you will find in Meep App. This is necessary to enable the next user to find an e-moto within a reasonable distance.

To use the IoScoot service, users will need to follow these easy steps which are all managed through the Meep App:

  1. Meep App is your key

    • Sign up on Meep for free

    • Select My Meep from the menu

    • Go to Transport Providers

    • Select IoScoot and register

    • We will verify your driver licence in 24 hours

  2. Unlock and drive

    • Launch your Meep App​

    • Activate IoScoot in three simple steps   

    • Find your closest moto

    • Follow the instructions to unlock and drive safely

  3. Park and return

    • Please follow street parking rules​

    • Place the helmet back inside to the top case

    • Don't forget to finish your rental session in Meep

You will only be charged for the trip that you have done as long as you park within the defined area. 

Parking of Motorbikes

The users will be able to park the motorbikes in any parking space where normal motorbikes are able to park. However the rental will continue unless the user parks within the highlighted areas.

How much does it cost?


Pricing policy:

You will only pay for the minutes you ride the eScooter, with no fixed charges. The tariff is just 25 cents per minute, battery and insurance included!

How to contact us.

We enjoy helping you!


So, if you have any doubt, please contact us on: 


2095 8888


our opening hours are from:


07:00 -19:00  from Monday to Sunday.